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Universal Periodic Review Process

The UPR process is an international mechanism that aims to improve the human rights situation in all United Nations (UN) member states through a review process in Geneva. A Working Group that is composed of all UN member states will issue recommendations to the State under review, and after a dialogue process, the State under review will choose recommendations to implement. Civil society organizations can submit reports that will be used during the review process.

Malaysia was first reviewed in February 2009. For the first review the Malaysian government accepted 62, rejected 22 and issued no clear position on 19 recommendations. Read the full reports in the links below.

Malaysia is due for a second review on 24 October 2013. In lieu of this, civil society organizations have submitted reports that will be used during the review process. Further, a series of consultations with Embassy officials has been carried out over the last few months and will continue to be done until the end of September.

Read the report by the Child Rights Coalition Malaysia and other organizations in the link below:

CRC Malaysia report for the UPR Process

Also stay tuned for more updates regarding the UPR process!