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Resources on Children’s Rights

Implementation of Children’s Rights

  1. Implementation Handbook for the Convention on the Rights of the Child 2013 (pdf)

    • This handbook, compiled by UNICEF, provides a detailed explanation of the articles in the CRC including comments and general observations by the Committee

Child Protection

  1. Minimum standards for consulting with children – Operations manual, Inter-Agency Working Group on Children’s Participation (2007)
    • This guide is a compilation of over 30 documents to assist you in coordinating the meaningful and safe participation of children in consultations and conferences
  2. UNICEF Child Protection Handbook (PDF)
    • Spearheaded by UNICEF, this handbook serves as a reference for policy makers, government officials and parliamentarians on how to ensure your country adheres to the international standards of child protection. It focuses on ten children’s issues, including the trafficking and sale of children, juvenile justice and child labor standards.
  3. UNICEF Child Protection Information Sheets (PDF)
    • These fact sheets give a concise overview of the Millennium Development Goals in relation to children, as well as twelve focus areas covered by UNICEF. Coupled with statistical findings, regional narratives, and comprehensive overview of a range of issues, this is a great tool for an introduction into the evolving discussion on child protection.

Child Participation

  1. 12 Lessons Learned from Child Participation in the UN General Assembly Special Session on Children (PDF)
    • This is a best-practice guide developed by Save the Children to assist those tasked with including child participation in a meeting, conference or long-term process. Among the 12 topics covered are funding, appropriate language, participation processes and evaluation.

Child Trafficking

  1. The Child Recovery and Reintegration Network
    • A wealth of information for practitioners and researchers on supporting children who have been affected by sexual exploitation and trafficking.
  2. Human Trafficking of Children fact sheet
    • This fact sheet provides a basic overview of human trafficking in the USA and how to deal with individual cases. It describes what signs to look for in a child and how to properly respond, as well as providing a list of helpful governmental and non-governmental resources.
  3. Trafficking in Persons Report 2012 
    • Malaysia is a destination and, to a lesser extent, a source and transit country for men, women, and children subjected to conditions of forced labor and women and children subjected to sex trafficking.

Child Exploitation (Economic & Sexual)

  1. Conventions on Child Labour
    • Information on two international conventions on child labour: one on minimum age of employment and one on the worst forms (hazardous and exploitative) of child labour.
  2. Business and Children Information Portal
    • The portal brings together in one place useful information about how companies are impacting children (positively or negatively), covering a broad spectrum of issues ranging from child labour to child participation, sexual exploitation to education, to pollution and conflict zones.
  3. Young Domestic Workers
    • Information about young domestic workers and their activism.
  4. Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Study on Child Prostitution
    • Malaysian university research with children who were pressured into prostitution. The study includes information for social workers on treatment of children in rehabilitation centres.

Child Marriage

  1. A girls right to say no to marriage- Plan International (pdf)

    • The report draw’s on research by Plan International and other secondary sources, highlighting the causes, consequences and recommendations for action against child marriage
  2. Girls Not Brides  – the Global Partnership to End Child Marriage

    • The website provides information on Child Marriage around the world, including voice from child brides.

 Child Justice

  1. Global Report 2012: Ending legalized violence against children by Global Initiative to End All Corporal Punishment of Children (pdf)

    • The report provides information and progress on ending corporal punishment around the region.