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Child Abuse


By Chesryn Tania Ridzuan


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As the 21st century embraces new modern innovations especially after the phenomenal world countdown of 1999 and continues to branch out  to new researches on the most mind boggling questions we all encounter on this rotating planet, the increase of the humanitarian crises, inequality and atrocities have also been expanding. This also includes the unwritten and non-existent rule in every How-to-be-a-Parent-for-Dummies book that child abuse is not acceptable. Hence I have said it is unwritten and non-existent, it also explains why we don’t educate people on the prevention of child abuse. Also proves that by not talking or educating people about it, we therefore automatically do not take charge or do anything to stop child abuse even when we encounter it first-handedly or even indirectly.

Forget how you are related to that person. If that person if abusing a child in any way, you need to speak up. The amount of things it can do to a child mentally, physically and emotionally will leave the child in a constant state of curiosity as to what they did wrong to ever deserve such punishment? But it isn’t called punishment of grounding when you hit a child. It’s called abuse. In every country, though the different jurisdictions have widened, more rules can still be reviewed and changed to make it a better, broader and a more successful justice system.

Those of authority especially a country’s government and the educators like the schools and colleges should take advantage of their respected authority and raise awareness on the importance of the prevention of child abuse. I am saddened to see that we have to learn compassion from animals who are more loving to their own blood and see ourselves become the barbaric animals we all like to taint on the inhabitants of this Earth.

Educate people on all types of abuses, especially child abuse because it usually starts from home. Educate them on the early signs and how child abuse looks and sounds like. Do not leave people in the dark for that is usually what is seen by a child who is locked in the basement or the cupboard for no apparent or legitimate reason. An abuse on the victim can affect all parts of their life like social skills, memory loss or even development in the normal growth of a human being.

I hope to see more people stand up for the rights of these children and actually do something about it instead of waiting for it to happen to them or even to their own relatives. This growing problem will not cease to exist unless we take a stand together to protect our children from this cruelty and at the same time banish it away from the face of the earth for the betterment of the children and every living thing in general.



Chesryn goes to a local high school and enjoys creative writing.


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