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Penang – Legal Training




Legal training Penang Participants

VoC conducted its fourth legal training on Children and the Youth in the Criminal Justice System in Penang in December.  Once again the training was conducted by Dr. Farah Nini Dusuki with the same passion and extensive knowledge that she has about children and child justice.

The training included the same modules; Introduction to the Child and Youth Justice System, The International Instruments Relevant to Child and Youth Justice Administration and their Applicability in Malaysia, Introduction to Diversion and Restorative Justice, Arrest and Investigation, Pre-trial Process and Court Proceedings and Sentencing.

A new section was included in the first module on Child Development and Neuroscience.  The new developments in the field of Neuroscience offer deeper insight into the development of the adolescent brain and an understanding on the reasons for the high rate of crime in this age group. Participants found this topic very intriguing and there was extensive discussion on this topic.


Child Development and Neuroscience

The training being interactive there was once again very enriching contributions from the participants.  During the role play with real life cases, participants added exceptional wit and humour to their presentations.  Diversion and Restorative Justice was very popular with them, generating an interesting discussion in favour of these models as well as some expressing reservations.  Participants generally felt that diversionary measures if implemented in the Malaysian Justice system will be a great step forward for children who come into conflict with the law.

Presentation ++  Presentation 2 ++  Presentation Joshua ++

The family conferencing group role-play further strengthened their conviction on the restorative aspects of the process and how a more holist approach in dealing with the crime, and not just simply with the offender, can have many far-reaching positive benefits for the individuals (offender, victim, families) and the communities at large.

Family Group Conferencing

Family Group Conferencing

Here are the testimonials from two of the participants.

“What amazes me about the course is the amount of work put into it before and the strong passion that comes packed with the message from our course leader, Dr. Farah Nini Dusuki.  This is most unusual. Over time, we can normally expect that passion to dissipate. In her case, it seems to have assumed even greater intensity.

 I guess VOC may have to organise a nation-wide petition with Puan Ho and Dr. Farah to secure the freedom of our law student who is still enjoying the pleasure of our Yang Di Pertuan Agung due to the lacuna of the law.   More than that, it must address the serious lacuna in the law in this area of child welfare.”              Stephen Tan Ban Cheng

“The workshop is indeed an eye opener for me being someone who works with challenging young people from age 3 to 18 years old. The emphasis from Dr Farah to the participants that we may not remember the Malaysian law on children but it is important for us to remember the 4 guiding principles of the CRC: the best interest of the child, the right to survival, the right to participation and non-discrimination. I keep this in mind all the time.

 Dr Farah gave us the insight into the Malaysian law on young people and it was most touching to hear the cases presented. And most unfortunate how the young people were caught in the law – do they have the opportunity to survive, to be heard again, are the best interest of the child being considered or are they discriminated? We as adults must remember ‘Children See… Children Do’.  I hope that this workshop is conducted again for more people in Malaysia especially teachers, parents and people who work with children.”     Priscilla Ho

The next Legal Training will be March 14-15 in Sabah.  Please spread the word.


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