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“Every Child Has A Right To Childhood” Camp 2014


Camp 1

by Cathryn Anila

I attended a camp titled “Every Child Has A Right To Childhood” which was organized by Persatuan Kebajikan Suara Kanak-kanak (SUKA Society) and held on 15-16 Nov at the Outbac Broga, Lenggeng. It was a 2 day 1 night camp consisting of youth participants from Malaysian and refugee youths from Myanmar. The aim of this camp was to let all of us mix with each other and have fun and to realize that our differences do not stop us from recognizing that we are all one.

Camp 3On the first day, we had an ice breaking session. In this session, we introduced ourselves and played games related to calling each other’s names etc. After that, we were separated into two groups and played a few of the team building activities that were available at Outbac which include the 12-foot-wall climb where we have to carry each other up the wall, the spider web where we have to help each other get out of the web without touching it, the mini wipeout obstacle course which is similar to the wipeout we all watch in AXN, the balance game (I forgot it’s real name) where we all have to stand on a wooden platform which is supported by something in the middle and we all as a group, had to stand on it and balance it without letting it touch the ground for a minimum of 5 seconds. And many more exciting games. These activities brought together each other closer.

We also had a cultural night where we showcased our cultures by performing. I represented the Indian culture by singing a Tamil song which has the Indian melodies and rhythms and also depicts the sacrifices of a young mother which I felt relates to al the young people participating. I explained the meaning of the song too.  We also had Indian dances, Burmese dances, Chinese board games and Malay fashion show.

On the next day, we woke up as early as 5.00am and hiked up Broga Hill. It was awesome to witness the sunrise from the hilltop and wow! The view was uh-may-zingggggg!! The clouds looked like a cotton bed. Later we had ‘Free-n-easy’ time where we played volleyball, basketball and went kayaking. And then we freshened up, packed and checked out and assembled at the hall where they handed out certificates to all participants. As a mark our friendship, we painted our palms and stamped it on one big paper.Camp 2

I believe the purpose of the camp is achieved very well. All the activities organized seemly bonded our friendship together with no feelings of prejudice or discrimination between us. It is to make all of us realize that our only obstacle to be as one is language. Otherwise, it’s just the mere thoughts of humans that are stopping us from realizing that we are all flowers of one garden and that we are all created from the same dust. I believe that this understanding must be nurtured from young so that injustice and discrimination will stop and for equality, unity and peace to be established. I also felt that more children should be exposed to activities, events and camps such as this to bring about change in the society for the betterment of humanity.


Hey everyone. I’m Cathryn Anila, aged 14 and from Klang. I’m prefect and studying in a government school. I live a normal 14 year old teenage girl’s life. However, I am passionate about the rights of all children, including refugee children. All children are created equal and must have and be given equal opportunities for them to develop intellectually, physically and spiritually. A safe world must be create for children. Each one of us will need to play our role and become the agent of change to make this safe world a reality. The future belongs to us!

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