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Report on the Global Peace Volunteers’ Camp


Picture 1by Cathryn Anila 

From 12-14 Sept, I was invited to attend a camp organized by Global Peace Foundation which was entitled “Global Peace Volunteers’ Camp” in Janda Baik, Pahang. This camp is only for college and university students and was represented by 11 nationalities. I was invited based on my merit as a child advocate and also my exposure. I was the youngest participant GPF ever had.

The sole motive of the camp is to motivate us and to bring out the urge in us to make a change in this currently chaotic world. It was a 3 day 2 night stay and I learnt a lot in this short span of time.

Of all the sessions, I’m just gonna highlight the few important ones. We were given talks by Dr.Teh, the Chief Executive Officer of Global Peace Foundation Malaysia. The first was on ‘Personalitology’ which main motive was to let us know and understand the different personalities of people, such as the Choleric, Sanguine, Phlegmatic and Melancholy. “Knowing people’s different personalities is very important as it helps us to understand the nature of people and personalities and guides us on how to mingle with them” said Dr.Teh. Through this session, I got to know why I face challenges when it comes to my family not understanding my point of view, that it is simply because I’m a choleric sanguine and they’re just, well, different.

The next was a video of Martin Luther King Jr’s speech ‘I Have A Dream’ and then followed by a group discussion on the speech which main topic was ‘Equal rights for all humans’.  We also watched other videos such as the child and women trafficking and had a discussion on that too.

Picture 2

We also had a fun and meaningful outdoor activity which was Rafting. We were split into four groups with the names of visionaries such as Nelson Mandela (my group), Mother Theresa, Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. And we were given 20 bamboo sticks each group, we had to build our own rafts and raft across the lake. The twist in this activity is once we were done building our rafts, the person in charge exchanged our rafts with other groups so no one got their own raft. This was a really intense competition to raft across the lake, but in the end it did not turn out to be a competition as each of us were helping each other and this activity thought us the importance of contentment, teamwork and perseverance.

We also had a social mapping session with the topic “Power and privilege” and the question “Is power a privilege or privilege a power?”  Here we placed a cellophane tape in the middle of the room signifying power and privilege and each of us were given one or two papers which had the different types of human classifications written on it such as ‘White’, ‘Black’, ‘Muslim’, ‘Christians’, ‘Jews’, ‘Baha’is’, ‘Asian’ and so on.

We were given the task to place the paper wherever we want whether its near or far from the tape (power and privilege) suiting to the real life, how much power and privilege do they have? And then, after that is done, we all sat in a circle and thought of the current situation of the world, and as we were discussing everyone wanted to hear what I felt as the youngest participant when I saw the social map when Muslim, British, Whites are on top of the tape and the others scattered everywhere, I said “I do not like this at all,there is no equality at all.” Then they asked “How do you want it to be?” I said “One big circle and the power and privilege in the middle, let everybody get equal power and privilege.”

picture 3

On the last day, we went out to the places surrounding such as the kopitiams, the farms etc. and we just did social service, those who went to the kopitiams helped the Makciks and Pakciks with the dishes, and serving food to customers and simply just making everyone happy. My group went to the farm.

There, we helped Atuk, who served the navy for 25 years of his life as a captain. we helped Atuk to chop the banana leaf stem to make compost and also got to explore how eco-friendly natural farming was like. It was really nice as we learnt a lot. I personally learnt how everything there lived in harmony, from the earthworms underground to the vegetables we eat, from the sound the stream water gives to the peaceful environment.

How everything co-exists with each other. “We all help each other, I feed the worms, they feed my plants, my plants feed my family”, “Everybody helps each other, everybody is united and we live in harmony here. If plants and animals can do it, why can’t we humans do it?” were the wise words of Atuk.

Overall, we had a lot of fun and we went through a major experience which changed all of us to be a Global Peace Volunteer with our motto “We are the change! We are one family under God” and our motivational quote “Be the change you want to see in this world –Mother Theresa” We learnt that there will be many obstacles along the way if you are to walk against the current, but if you know you’re striving for the right thing, then no one can stop you except you. I wish to end this with my favourite motivating quote which I always remember when I feel my life is crumbling down – What Doesn’t Kill You Only Makes You Stronger.


Hey everyone. I’m Cathryn Anila, aged 14. I’m studying at Sekolah Menengah Tengku Ampuan Rahimah and serving as a Prefect. I live a normal 14 year-old teenage girl’s life. However, I am passionate about the rights of all children, including refugee children. My heart goes out when I read or hear of children abused or deprived of their rights. All children are created equal and must have and be given equal opportunities for them to develop intellectually, physically and spiritually. A safe world must be create for children. Each one of us will need to play our role and become the agent of change to make this safe world a reality. The future belongs to us!  

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