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Post 2015 Dialogue with Children “The Malaysia We Want”


by Cathryn Anila

Picture 4

Consultation Using Open Space Technology

On the 26th of July 2014, a special session was held for children aged 13-17 years old. This workshop session which was United Nation’s Post 2015 Millennium Development Goal on the “Malaysia We Want” was attended by about 15 children from various organizations. The main objective of this workshop is to give us children a chance to tell adults on our future, what is the Malaysia we want when we grow up.

We were given a time span of 2 hours to discuss on our future. For discussion, we used the Open Space Technology facilitated by UNDP and EPU. So each of us wrote down what we felt is a major issue in Malaysia on a piece of a paper and stuck it to the notice board.

And then those interested in any of the topics listed can join their group and discuss and come up with key points and recommendations to the government. Topics that were brought up to be discussed were “Freedom for kids”, “Equal opportunities to education”, “The abolishment of death penalty” and so on. The session was facilitated by Susanna George, Consultant, Group Process Facilitator, Strengthening Team Processes Through Critical Conversations.

Picture 5

Cathryn facilitating with her group on the Rights of Children in Post 2015 and A banner on the Theme hung on the wall

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