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Youth Voices: Keep Hope Alive — Some Thoughts on Human Trafficking


By Rebecca Ho Hui San, after attending an event on human trafficking.

We are now dwelling in the golden era since human evolution began. The world that we live in today is a borderless world and a world with endless possibilities; we get to enjoy the best health care, best education system, best lifestyle and much more.

Life has been made so colourful, as if we live in a fantasy world, but today there are many children who live in a colourless world, a world with much pain and suffering, and a world totally separated from ours.

In today’s society, many of our children are beginning to lose their “originality” through the value that society has inserted to them. So much so that I begin to question what happened to the innocence of our children, that which makes a child a child.

If all that is taken away from a child, what then is left to distinguish a child from an adult?

There are many children in this world who are unfortunate. Many are forced into hard labour and treated with endless cruelty.

Their childhood is stolen away from them, and they are forced to enter the “real world” that many adults might not even be able to survive in.

Yet despite of all the hardship that they go through, having to live in an adult world where fairy tales and ponytails do not exist, what stays in these children is their originality, their faith and their innocence.

These children live in a helpless situation where they have nothing at all. Most of the time they couldn’t even help themselves, for their lives are not their own but owned and dictated by others. They are not treated like children, not even like adults, but rather like animals, with no pity and compassion spared upon them.

The harsh realities of their life have robbed them of everything they have, but yet behind those smiles, we see nothing but a child.

These children have nothing but they strive for tomorrow as if everything they own is in tomorrow. These children live in a hopeless situation yet they still carry on life with determination and courage continuing their everyday in hopes for a better tomorrow.

Though they have nothing in life, yet hope still lives in them and it is this hope that keeps them going, it is this hope that gives them the courage, the hope for a better tomorrow, the hope for an education, the hope for another chance, the hope for a better life.

These children are helpless but they are not hopeless, for hope lives in them.

There are a lot of things that money can’t buy and money can never buy hope.

It is our responsibility in this generation to make sure that hope doesn’t dry out. When hope is gone life is but a shadow, hope musn’t leave us.

The power to change if in our hands and we have the power to make a change, to add in colour to their colourless world, to keep hope alive.

This is the personal opinion of the writer and does not necessarily represent the views of Voice of the Children. Youth Voices is a safe space for youth to engage constructively and discuss social issues.

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