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About us


VoC was incorporated in 2008 as a child advocacy group to address a gap in children’s services. The good work being done by children’s service providers cannot bring about long-term improvements in children’s lives without a change in the policies and laws that affect children. However, many service organizations do not have the time to address policy issues when most of their time is spent trying to meet children’s immediate needs.

Advocacy addresses the root causes of problems, leading to longer term, more sustainable benefits for children and their communities. An oft quoted saying is that child service providers are so busy saving drowning babies that they cannot turn around to see who is throwing babies in the river and why.

VoC works with organisations that provide direct services to understand the issues “on the ground” in order to research and advocate for long term sustainable changes. We concentrate 100% of our efforts towards the bigger picture of fundamental policy changes and public awareness.

We also strongly believe in child participation and working with them to voice their own fears, hopes, dreams and loss of opportunities. They are their own best instruments of advocacy.

Vision & Mission

VoC’s mission is to advocate for law and policy reform to ensure that the rights of every child in Malaysia are protected and no longer at risk of violation. We believe that the welfare and protection of every child in Malaysia can only be realized through the promotion of children’s rights and the continued implementation of the Convention of the Rights of the Child in Malaysia.


We work to raise public awareness on issues affecting children, including statelessness, undocumented children and child protection within the justice system via advocacy strategies such as, but not limited to, press releases, researched reports, children’s books, rights awareness events and collaborative partnerships.

We work to defend and preserve the dignity and welfare of children by strengthening the administration of justice to children, particularly through the judicial process.

We strive to act as a bridge between children and the policy makers, advocating for the recognition of children’s best interests and the protection of their rights in the legal and policy framework.

We work to support the government to ensure the welfare and protection of all children in Malaysia by engaging in regular dialogues and promoting best practices in child protection.

Where We Work

Voice of the Children is located in the Klang Valley and works on behalf of all children in Malaysia. We join activities and coalition efforts with like-minded organisations working throughout Southeast Asia and other parts of the world.

VoC Directors

  • Sharmila Sekaran
  • Hartini Zainudin

VoC Board Members

  • Nadzarin bin Wok Nordin
  • Nizam Bashir
  • Norliza binti Rasool Khan
  • Woon King Chai

VoC Staff

  • Sumithra V. Ananthan, Executive Director
  • Thency G, Assistant Director for Programmes


  • Natalie Varnham